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Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever


About our kennel



My first N.S. Tolling Retriever, Riverbreeze Silky Sushi de ChaWu "Sushi", came to me in 2003.

In fact, she was my first retriever. I fell in love with the breed's beautiful appearance as many people do, but was also

attracted by the challenge presented by such an all-round, intelligent dog with its initiative

and capacity to find its own solutions.

Since June 2017 my daughter Alva Bryngelsson is co-owner of the kennel.



Eva and her first toller Riverbreeze Silky Sushi de Cha Wu in Tolling huntingtest


At that point my experience was zero, but within a year,

despite the limitations of having a job and small children,

and with the support of the breeder and the qualities that my dream dog possessed,

I was involved in competitive obedience, the show-ring, tolling trials and blood tracking. To my brother's delight.

I also acquired my hunting license and a shotgun!



Sushi certainly showed me the wonderful world of the Tolling Retriever.



Living with, breeding and training Tolling Retrievers are my life and identity. Many of my puppy-buyers call me

Mummy Breeder! We enjoy all sorts of activities together, such as kennel get-togethers, Christmas buffets, and Breed Specials.

My dogs are family members and co-workers.


I plan my litters very carefully, and never more often than the bitch can cope with.

When choosing a suitable male, I make a point of visiting him in advance.

The bitch in question accompanies me as

I feel strongly that she should be allowed to express an opinion on whom she will mate with.

It is certain that dogs can sense who might be a suitable mate, and in all likelihood are aware on a level inaccessible

to us which male will produce healthy offspring.



It is my goal to see beyond the dogs’ titles and discover their innate qualities. for, let’s face it, a competent

male-dog handler isn’t going to accompany the pups to their forever homes

As a breeder my goals are to produce tollers that are healthy both physically and mentally. They should be without

fears and aggressions, making them easy to manage in different social situations. They should show abundant

“will to please” but also the capacity to work independently

I try to find less-used males with fewer progeny, and this can take my search off the beaten track.

I try to vary the breeding lines – and the breeders – as much as possible


This is a breed that loves to and NEEDS to work. They should not continually be stressed and pressured, however,

it is important that they are also allowed to “chill-out” some of the time,

I feel strongly that there should be a healthy balance between “ON” and “OFF”.

I strive to breed individuals able to work in a variety of different fields.

As the breeder I am glad to offer hints and advice if desired.



Puppy buyers

We want new owners to be proud of their West Coast Toller, and the best advertisement for a

breeding kennel is satisfied puppy buyers and good dogs.

A toller working beside a competent cheerful positive handler is a joy to see!

On the other hand, the sight of an overstressed nervy toller with a sad frustrated owner

is a terrible thing,

which is why we do NOT sell puppies solely as pets.

Not to take advantage of this wonderful breed’s innate energy and intelligence is like

buying a racing car and driving around at 10 miles an hour!

Another breed would suit you better, in that case.

I dont sell my puppies to only be used for a walk in the park.




I follow the Swedish Kennel Club rules.

For more information www.skk.se.


All puppies are veterinary inspected by a in depended Veterinary.

They are de-wormed, micro chipped and vaccinated.


Together with your puppy you get:


* The puppy will have Certificate of registration from SKK

* The puppy are sold with a SKK sales contracts

* Puppy MOT certificate (issued by the veterinarian

at least 7 days before the puppy leaves for the puppies new home)

* Agrias Hiddenfaults insurance

* Information from SKK

* My West Coast Tollers puppy folder with information on the puppies parents,

tips and advice to take home a new puppy, bag containing puppy food, toys, dummies, whistle, etc.

* Kennel meeting during The Swedish Tollerspeciality.

I always try answer questions and help so much as I can.


The puppies life on West Coast Tollers kennel:


I want to give the puppies on West Coast Tollers so good start as possible.

Im sure that it will have a big impacted for a dogs life.

The puppies are dewormed with banminth.


The puppy are used for every sound your puppy will live with its new family,

such as children and there friends, vacuuming, television, etc.


At 5 weeks of age the puppies try game and other things,

to see which of the puppies who are most interested.


I reserve the right to choose the puppy that suits the puppy byers best.

(But you can always discribe what you wish.)


Every time I give them food I blow the whistle so they know they will come running.